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Power Options.

There are 3 options to select when ordering a new Scitsu tacho.

The tacho uses an internal, sealed, rechargeable battery. When maintained in good condition, the battery will power the tacho in full continual race use for at least 10 hours. For many riders this can equate to a full season racing.
The dummy plug should be inserted in the charge socket, to switch off the tacho when not in use.
Periodically the tacho should be charged from flat for 24 hours.
For best battery life do not continually charge the battery for long periods.
Select ' Standard ' in the ordering options.

New tachos can be built to allow power to be supplied from an external PP3 battery. This is connected by an inbuilt cable, battery connector and battery holding pouch, which has holes to cable-tie it to a convenient location on the bike. These items are all supplied when selecting this option.
This allows a spare battery to be fitted as and when necessary, avoiding the care of a charging routine.
This option is available at no extra cost.
Select ' PP3 ' in the ordering options.

Bike Battery power
If your bike has a 12V battery already fitted, then this can be used to power the tacho. Special circuitry in this tacho type reduces the effects of electrical interference from the ignition or fuel injection system.

This option is available at no extra cost.
Select ' Bike Battery ' in the ordering options.